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Shopping in South Haven

Decadent Dogs
505 Phoenix St.

This place is an upscale dog boutique. Seriously. You can find amazing, unique products for you or your dog that you won’t find at any regular pet store or retail chain. They have these delicious looking pastry treats – for your dog!!! Dog owners can also get shirts, mugs, lamps… you’d be surprised. If you bring your dog with you into the store, they get a free treat on the house.

Nature’s Country Cupboard
509 Phoenix St.

Vitamins, supplements, specialty items; this health food store carries a lot of things that are all good for you. Skin lotion to protect you from the summer sun, teas, candles and incense to help you relax, specialty coffee beans you can buy by the pound; lots of neat things you can find here. Definitely worth stopping in. 

D & L Sales
519 Phoenix St.

From the outside, it may just look like a general store, but this is actually your party supplies go-to shop. They can hook you up with helium balloons (latex or Mylar) at the front desk and have a huge stash of decorative party paper plates, flatware, napkins, wrapping paper, even gifts and prizes for the kids. Very helpful place.

Renaissance and Papyrus
507 Phoenix St.

Originally two separate ideas, they have lots of cool things including antiques and artwork upstairs, but mostly girly stuff. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, stampers, embossers, cards, books; a self described “plethora of fun” worth investigating.

Biddy Murphy’s Celtic Goods
610 Phoenix St.

The owner plans to retire his business (named after his mother in Ireland) to selling strictly online later this year, so this may be the last chance you get to check out the huge gallery of Celtic gear in person. I recently bought an awesome Irish made ‘Donegal’ tweed cap from him.

M.T. Bear & Co.
550 Phoenix St.

Ms. Kris Homeroom
425 Eagle St.

Oh My Darlings
508 Phoenix St.