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Restaurants in South Haven

500 Phoenix St.
A favorite of ours, Clementine’s is a restaurant with great pastas, steaks, fish, chicken… you name it. Gushing with history, the walls are covered with old photographs and memorabilia representing South Haven’s vast history. Occupying the old Citizen’s Bank building, complete with old style wood trimming and a saloon style bar, we make it a point to have dinner here at least once per visit to South Haven.

Golden Brown Bakery & Cafeteria
421 Phoenix St.
Located in the downtown shopping area, you can trust that everything in this bakery is made from scratch. You can tell with one glance, one smell, or one taste. Even the custard they use is made from scratch. Baking in South Haven for over thirty years, you can get fresh baked breads, cookies, cakes, or pastries, and grab a coffee, tea or Italian soda while you continue your walk through town making your way to the beach.

Harborside Bistro
402 Phoenix St.
We have only been here for the Sunday morning buffet, but whenever we are in town, we try to come for the Sunday morning buffet. All the basics plus a freshly prepared omelet or waffle straight from the grill to your plate.

Captain Nemo’s
407 Phoenix St
The local greasy spoon, about five minutes walking distance from the beach. Great breakfasts, lunches and dinners, including a Sunday morning breakfast buffet, are available all year round. So is the eclectic choice of ice creams and desserts. Why go to a big chain for your treats when you can get the real deal right here?

Cousins' Restaurant
7317 North Shore Dr.

403 Chophouse
403 Phoenix St

Amicarelli Vineyard
259 Broadway

Bear Claw Coffee Company
515 Williams St. At Old Harbor Inn

Cafe Julia
561 Huron St.

North Side Memories Deli
112 Dyckman Ave.

Phoenix Street Café
524 Phoenix St.

Seawolf Restaurant
176 Blue Star

529 Phoenix St.

Tom's Buffet
364 Broadway